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Zoom is my preferred choice of a public traded company. Zoom is a communication technology firm. Zoom company products and services include video telephony and internet chat services. Further, zoom products facilitate teleconferencing and social relations. A company’s strategic analysis consists of its mission, vision, internal, and external environment and its assets (Dess, McNamara and Lee 12 ). Notably, zooms strategy contributes to its success

Zooms internal environment contributes to its fast rate of development. Notably, the working culture adopts the name happiness crew, which denotes the high value accorded to the employees. Notably, zoom company working environment prioritizes employees wellness needs due to the presence of, a fully stocked kitchen where employees receive free meals, a game room, and yoga room. Further, the company preserves days where all the workers bring their parents to work as a way of boosting their motivation. A company’s strategic analysis also consists of its population segments and competitors(Dess, McNamara and Lee 12 ). Notably, zoom records a total of up to 200 million daily active users. Zoom video conferencing accounts for the largest share in the market. Further, Zoom,s estimated value is at $48.8 billion.

Some of zooms biggest competitors include Cisco Webex, google hangouts and Microsoft teams. However, strategies such as the provision of ease of use products, that are cheap and highly effective grant zoom a larger global market share. Zoom resources include video conferencing, video production, live video streaming and teaching and learning service.  Zoom products have a range of capabilities which include zoom phone calls to zoom video meetings, Zoom contact centre partner programme and zoom phone Salesforce integration.

Further, zoom provides modern hardware solutions such as Crestron flex B series, DTEN DT and the Polycom studios. Additionally, there are new developments in smart features that seek to enhance zoom meetings. Intelligent features include real-time transcription, meeting notes summary and Siri shortcuts.






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