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Zen Buddhism in Japan

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Zen Buddhism in Japan

Zen Buddhism is a culture that originated from the Chinese land, which is composed of “Indian Mahayana Buddhism together with Taoism.” Having begun in China, it spread to other parts of the world, from South Korean up to Japan. It involves practices which promote a table mind stage of calmness and composure. Japanese is a culture filled with a lot of cultural activities that encourage togetherness in the community, most of which run from worshiping the gods to recreational purposes. Therefore, they have a tea ceremony that is timely conducted annually. The tradition is highly influenced by China cultures and the early arrival of tea leaves in the Nara era. Samurai used to show their power by participating in tea ceremony after the war because the tea ceremony was a traditional way to have peace of mind.

As simple as tea drinking can be looked at, the Japanese turned a great idea out of it, by creating a significant ritual that benefited the whole society. Having a peaceful state of mind is essential as it will enable the psychological state of mind to function appropriately. A community with peace can live together in calmness and with friendliness.

Today, the Japanese are still emulation the ritual, but differently, in that, the ceremony is conducted uniquely, an art and a cultural tradition that existed in the ancient times of the Samurai. Therefore, the ritual was highly influenced by the practices and positive outcomes brought about through Zen Buddhism, as it encouraged the creation of a calm and relaxed state of mind, especially during difficult circumstances. After the war, the samurai could sit together and carry out the tea ceremony as a way of bringing about harmony between the two battle affiliates. Such a move ensured that peace is left prevailing in the community, although there was a winner and a loser after the war.



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