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WTP for a visit to Disney theme park

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WTP for a visit to Disney theme park

My WTP for Disney theme park one day-pass is 90 dollars. A day’s visit to the Disney theme park promises to offer lifetime experiences through its various theme parks. While the price of a ticket at this time of the year is approximately $120, the pay cuts at work caused by the Coronavirus outbreak have negatively affected my WTP. The uncertainty of the future has affected my disposable income, and I’m only willing to pay USD 90 instead of USD 120.

My WTP for Disney theme parks can change from time to time. In December, when holidays are here for most people, I’m willing to pay a higher amount to visit Disney theme park. The theme parks at Disney offer entertainment experiences that children and people today can enjoy, hence likely to be a memorable experience. I may find a leave midyear to visit the place considering my preference for Disney characters and themes. At that time, I’m willing to pay less because of my tight schedule and the fact that most of my friends and family may be busy elsewhere.

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