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Wilhelm Wundt is regarded as the father of experimental psychology

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Wilhelm Wundt is regarded as the father of experimental psychology

Wilhelm Wundt is regarded as the father of experimental psychology. Wundt is revered as one of the founders of modern psychology because of his pioneering work in physiological evidence. Wundt and his students developed the empirical methods that distinguished psychology from philosophy. Wundt’s experimental psychology and focus on physiological evidence started the unmediated study of human consciousness. Wundt maintained that mental processes could be experimentally studied (Hunt 189).

Physiological evidence is valuable in psychology because it introduces a scientific approach to psychological phenomena. Consequently, physiological evidence makes psychology a science domain based on objectivity rather than subjectivity and an individual’s previous experiences (Hunt 203). Secondly, physiological evidence helps to bridge physiology and mental processes. Wundt argued that physiological evidence derived from his experiments could explore human consciousness elements such as sensations, perceptions, and feelings (Hunt 196). Therefore, physiological evidence allows psychologists to discern the components of psychic processes and the connections among them.

Furthermore, the value of physiological evidence is also evident in artificially intelligent systems. Hunt observes that the experiments pioneered by Wundt are used to create artificially intelligent expert systems that simulate human problem-solving activities (205). Overall, physiological evidence is valuable because it is only in the controlled conditions of a laboratory that psychologies can precisely determine the phenomena of human consciousness. Physiological evidence allows psychologists to interpret psychological based on appropriate explanatory frameworks

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