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What Constitutes Copyrightable Work?

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What Constitutes Copyrightable Work? Copyright law provides a safeguard against copyright infringement. This denotes protection of your work, including drawings, photographs, or even paintings. The rationale behind this is to ensure that original works of authorship are protected and promote their creation by giving them exclusive property rights. That being said, here is a brief elucidation of all you need to know about copyright and copyright infringement. What Constitutes Copyrightable Work? There are specific prerequisites that your work must meet in order to be eligible for copyright protection. These include: It must be an original work of authorship Must be fixed in a tangible medium of expression Must possess a modicum of creativity It is worth noting that copyright protection extends to literary works, dramatic works, and even architectural work having met the necessary criteria. However, ineligible works that can’t be copyrighted include phrases, unwritten or unrecorded speeches, short titles, and even works that are deemed common property, thus lacking original ownership, an example being a calendar. How Long Does Copyright Protection Last? The duration of copyright protection is often...

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