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Thinking About and Rethinking-Research Paper

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Thinking About and Rethinking-Research Paper

There Is Always a Structure You Must Follow

Writing is an interesting process that requires a systematic arrangement of ideas for an easy understanding of the content by the reader. Additionally, there are different reasons for writing, in which case, this requires one to follow a conventional stipulation that is academically predetermined or according to laid down standards. In this regard, professional writing is not a freestyle process. For example, in writing a business letter, there are conventional requirements that enables the target audience to quickly understand the subject of the content without having to ask the sender for any clarification. Therefore, it helps in saving time, considering that a random human mind may compose what occurs randomly in their head. Another example is the writing of a research paper; this has specific steps that are conventionally recommended for academic use. It is not easy for one to come up with a research paper that satisfies or answers the research questions.

There is a big difference between facts and opinions.

While opinions are what results in the determination of facts in some instances, I strongly believe that the two differ in a very great margin. For instance, people having an argument have different concepts that they would want to fit into a specific topic. However, there is always an idea that is perfectly and indisputably correct, and matches with the subject of the discourse at that moment.

Opinions are personal ideas, while facts are the most reasonable concepts befitting the existing subject or event. For example, while others may argue that Trump is not the president of the United States of America due the ignorance of the existing times, the fact the stands is that he succeeded the former president, Barrack Obama in the latest presidential elections. This argument may have been instigated by the environmental differences of the debating persons.

Discussion Report

Freestyle writing is not so easy, and to achieve perfection, I realized that it needs extensive practice. According to my writing on a research paper, I realized various flaws, that include poor sentence structures, misuse of terms, and at some point, I write about what was not asked. In the first instance, I gave an example of letter writing, yet the subject was on the research paper. I also noticed that 3 minutes were not enough to accomplish what I was required to write about, which led to rushing and resulting in the occurrence of the mentioned mistakes.

Writing about the difference between opinion and fact is what I thought was easy. In this case, obvious points lingered in my mind, and I thought 3 minutes would be enough for me to express my understanding. However, this was not the case as I realized that I had only one point that I kept repeating through the paper, considering that I had no time to think further. From this practice and experience, students need to learn fast writing skills to engage their brains in fast processing of ideas to achieve the goal of writing within the shortest time.


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