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The Triple Bottom Line Benefits of Proctor and Gamble CSR Program

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The Triple Bottom Line Benefits of Proctor and Gamble CSR Program

Founded in 1836, Proctor and Gamble is one of the American multinational companies that deal with various consumer goods. Over 180 years’ existence is clear proof that the company has been meeting all the interests of its stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers, and its partners (Proctor and Gamble). Specifically, Proctor and Gamble have a unique corporate social responsibility program that encompasses five principles. These principles include quality and performance, equality and inclusion, safety, sustainability, and transparency (Proctor and Gamble). The company’s benefits accrues out of these five elements of its CSR program include improved financial performance, positive reputation, organizational growth, increased customer loyalty, and better brand recognition.

Proctor and Gamble are one of the most profitable American companies that have been reaping huge profits from its operations that encompass corporate social responsibility. Most of the organizational company’s products are safe because they contain natural ingredients. The company discloses all the ingredients in its products, and this promotes transparency in its operation. In the 2018/2019 financial year, the company realized a great financial growth. It reported $3.59 billion net profit, which is a significant improvement from the previous financial year, where it had reported a net income of $3.2 billion (Proctor and Gamble).

Besides, Proctor and Gamble have earned a positive reputation across the globe because it operates responsibly. The company is committed to using ingredients that are safe for its customers (Proctor and Gamble). The company is mostly involved in providing beauty products that people can use to enhance their beauty without any side effects from the products. In other words, the company is committed to promoting safe and responsible beauty through the use of natural ingredients that do not affect people. Beauty is one of the social life aspects that people value. Therefore Proctor and Gamble is committed to promote responsible beauty that is not only safe for consumption but also takes care of the environment through the ethical utilization of environmental resources.

Proctor and Gamble company was founded in America over 180 years ago. Today, the company has grown since it operates across the globe. Most of the company’s brands are popular across the globe. Besides, Proctor and Gamble have a wide variety of popular product brands globally (Proctor and Gamble). A great percentage of beauty products used in America and other countries are manufactured under the Proctor and Gamble brands, and this shows how the company has grown beyond borders.  It has employed people from all walks of life worldwide as it seeks to achieve both equality and inclusion in society.

The company has also earned better brand recognition and customer loyalty across the globe because it seeks to promote responsible beauty that does not harm the environment and people (Proctor and Gamble). Proctor and Gamble products have gained popularity because their customers have developed trust and loyalty towards its brands. Customer loyalty and trust towards Proctor and Gamble products company is also associated with the company’s transparency.

In conclusion, Proctor and Gamble company has managed to build some of the widely accepted brands globally due to its commitment to corporate social responsibility. The company is likely going to operate for centuries as it continues to emphasize responsible beauty that is friendly to the environment. Its fulfillment of all stakeholder interests will spearhead a greater organization growth for many years to come.


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