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the SDLC or agile method

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the SDLC or agile method

Yes, I would argue that the SDLC or agile method ensures more significant success in incorporating adequate security into application codes. SDLC method is critical in that it helps in incorporating adequate protection into an application because of the following reasons. It is instrumental in that its practices to integrate activities across the SDLC are to assist in discovering and reducing vulnerabilities early and hence results in effectively building security in. A secure SDLC process ensures that security assurance activities such as penetration testing code review and architecture analysis are an integral part of the development effort. The primary advantage of using a secure SDLC approach is more reliable software as security as a continuous concern, awareness of security consideration by stakeholders, early detection of flaws in the system, cost reduction as a result of early detection, and resolutions of issues.

The agile method is used in incorporating adequate security into an application code is that it needs to move fast, and sometimes this means not immediately addressing a security concern. This results in the buildup of security debt that tells stands for paying back later changes. Agile development works hand in hand with security as this about the security teams, which often depend on speed and transparency. This means involving many members of a development team in response to threats. Agile is built on the same principles of collaboration and responding to change. SDLC works well in enhancing security in improving security posture off the organization involves educating co-workers on the best secure coding practices and available framework for the protection and considering security when building and planning for test cases and using code scanning tools.

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