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Security controls include countermeasures or safeguards

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Security controls include countermeasures or safeguards

Security controls include countermeasures or safeguards that help to avoid, detect, counteract, as well as minimize security risks. Within the technical or administrative control categories, there are various types of controls, such as detective, preventive, and corrective controls. However, this paper mainly discusses preventive controls. Preventives controls include countermeasures that help to prevent malicious actions or threats from occurring by blocking or stopping unauthorized access by intruders. They are mainly designed to help in preventing cybersecurity incidents. Some examples of preventive controls include firewalls, encryptions, antivirus software, strong authentication, intrusion prevention systems, fences and biometric access controls. The use of these controls ensures maximum prevention of risk or threat occurrence, thus enhancing the security of data. Preventive controls differ from the other types of controls, such as detective and corrective controls. For instance, detective controls are implemented to help in the detection of malicious activities that may cause security risks or threats. They may include various control measures such as intrusion control systems, alarms, video surveillance as well as Logs and Audit Trails, among other controls. Corrective controls, on the other hand, are used after the occurrence of a cybersecurity incident to minimize loss of data and damages of information systems. They intend to restore the systems to normal. Some of the corrective controls include may include systems and data backup, system rebooting, and updating outdated antivirus.

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