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Reinforcement We define reinforcement by the effects it has on behavior. Reinforcement is an operation term we use to refer to anything that increases the probability that a reaction will occur. The term is used in psychology to cite any stimuli which strengthen the possibility of a detailed response. We all apply reinforcement every day, sometimes even without realizing that we are doing it. For example, you may reward a student for good performance. There is an excellent possibility that the student will perform better next time because he/she knows that there is a reward for good performance. Reinforcement can be positive, negative, extinct, or in the form of punishment. We define positive reinforcement as adding something extra to increase the response. We will achieve positive reinforcement through reward or praise. For example, adding glory to a child for cleaning their room will increase the probability of it happening again. On the other hand, negative reinforcement is taking something away to raise a response and withholding payment until a particular job is completely done. Punishment is another form of support....

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