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Promotional mix

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Promotional mix

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A promotional mix integrates tools, channels, and processes that are used to promote products and services in pursuit of reaching a firm’s goals. Its elements are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, and public relations. Promotion is the most important out of the four P’s in the marketing mix. This is because regardless of the quality of a product, price strategy, or location of your business, without the right message being passed, your marketing efforts are futile since the existence of your product or service has not been established. The promotional mix provides a path from which a business amasses the required exposure to support its business and widen their consumer base (Kucuk, 2016).

Advertising is the most popular element of any promotional mix in marketing. It promotes products and services through the use of paid media and non-personal messages. The media used is broadcast, print, and electronic media. It is applied in creating awareness of a new product, persuasion, and reminding the public of a product. Coca-cola is my favorite soft drink, and whose advertisements are hard to miss on TV, newspapers, radio, and huge billboards plastered all over the country. Its most popular advertisement was ‘share a Coke’ in 2011. In introducing coca-cola to a new market segment, advertising methods like television and billboards would be the most effective. This is because a wider range of consumers will be easily reached, and also it is cheap compared to other elements of a promotional mix that require a lot of resources (Hackley, 2018).






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