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Model of Health and Healing

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Model of Health and Healing

Many health professions have weighed their expertise on how to deal with matters concerning health and healing. This paper seeks to discuss the three eras of health and healing as outlined by Dr Larry Dossey. The first era also called mechanistic, materialistic, or physicalistic medicine started in the 1860s (Dossey, 2015). It was a reflection of the discovery of the laws of nature and science had just started to make an impression on the medical field. Medicine in era 1 was also considered mechanistic and therapies such as surgery, medication and radiation were as well based. In era 1, treatment consisted of drugs or surgical procedures according to the symptoms presented by the patient (Dossey, 2015). The health of the mind was considered as the physical health of the brain.

A different way of thinking about who people emerged in the 1940s. It was the second era and individuals started to talk about the psycho-somatic diseases (Tassone, 2015). Today, it is known as mind-body medicine. During era 2, the health community has begun to trusts science with an understanding that negative minds or one’s emotion can influence the well-being of the body. However, the experts recognized that emotions, thoughts, feelings and altitudes can be used to make individuals healthy. Era 2 is the influence of belief, feelings and thought within a person (Dossey, 2015). In this era, there were very few new or alternatives therapies to surgery and medicine offered for mental health up to the time a deeper understanding followed.

In the 1990s, era 3, also known as nonlocal medicine began. According to Dr Dossey, it is our current state. In his article, he states that a “quantum physics paradigm” is occurring in this era. He also defines the era 3 minds as “nonlocal” since there are” nonlocal connections between human brains, human neurons and the whole person”. He further defines this state as the ability of the mind to be “infinite in time and space”. In some other ways, Dossey defines it as “immortal” (Dossey, 2015). He outlines that the nonlocal mind was capable to “unite non locally with other minds.” However, the nonlocal mind would “insert information none locally into the environment and on the other hand, acquire information none locally from the environment (Dossey, 2015).”

While comparing and contrasting the era 1 and 3, it is significant to note that the establishment of medicine physically and practically based on science, has been revolved in the advancement of evidence-based medicine and the evolution of knowledge for the care of patients. However, despite the failure of era 1 to know the role of the spirit and the mind in the health of an individual, scientific evidence has brought awareness of the dangers caused by the sick mind to our physical health. Therefore, it has paved the way to era 3 health and healing. Dr Dossey’s physical suffering made him understand this concept. From his early teens, Dr Dossey suffered from migraines, which caused vomiting, severe headache, nausea, and partial blindness.  However, while in the medical school, it became more severe and therefore decided to drop out. For years, he searched for the cure and in the 1960s, he tried clinical biofeedback method. The technique used mental imagery and electronic instrument to effect profound relaxation (Dossey, 2015). It was from this therapy that Dr Dossey reported that his symptoms had completely resolved. His experience with the therapy helped him to have a deeper understanding of the relationship between the mind and the body. It also made him have a higher respect for the power of healing and caring for the mind of an individual.

Models of Professional Presence

When I reflect on my own belief concerning era 1 and era 2 concepts, I have a greater understanding of the evolution of health and healing. I have acquired a greater appreciation of evidence-based practice while investigating a medical problem. I have also been able to understand the best choice of treatment for specific medical problems. The practice evolved out of era 1 and other discoveries. According to my own beliefs, it has made a way to the mentality of era 3. I deeply believe that God created us and made us connected to all living things around us. My belief in God and how he created us has helped me to better understand the impact the health of my minds and spirit have to things around me. I also believe that my spiritual well-being is well-rooted in God. I have come to realize that prayers and praises heal the heart. Praying and praising helps me to become less stressed, and afford to accommodate and cope with distressing things in my life. Besides, when I think of the love of God, I feel encouraged and my minds and spirit renewed. I am therefore able to recover from the intense sorrow and sadness that are often part of life on earth. My belief affects my professional presence in that, by being able to understand my own belief, I have acquired a healthier mind and spirit. I believe that an expert whose mind and spirit is healthy will be able to deliver acceptable care to others.

Influence on Nursing Practice

Understanding your own body, spirit and mind create a pathway towards helping others attain the same. Moreover, it helps medical practitioners to provide care to other persons.  According to Koerner (2011), when a person’s mind is full of issues, there is no space of anything else to enter. Consequently, spiritual wellness is critical in the healing process. The author further states that to help the patient heal, medical practitioners including nurses need to be authentic. Real authenticity can only be obtained by getting a full understanding of where we have come from and find ways of moving forward in life.  As cited by Dossey (2011), an authentic and mentally healthy person is in a better position to care for others.


Personality Preference

Personality Assessment Submission

According to Jung Typology Tests, my personality type is ISFJ. Essentially the personality is broken down into introvert, sensing, feeling, and judging. In Darly Sharp’s book about personality types, then Jung’s Model of Typology differentiates the eight types of typological categories. Essentially, there are two personality types –extraversion and introversion – and four modes of orientation –sensation, thinking, feeling and intuition. In each of these modes of orientation, each function in an extraverted and introverted way (Sharp, 1987). Jung also states that extraversion and introversion are psychological means of adaption. Essentially, the movement of energy is known to flow towards the inner world.

ISFJ is normally characterized by the desire to serve other people. Their main slogan is “need to be needed”. In some cases, the need is so strong that a typical give-take relationship is unsatisfying to them. Just like SJS, ISFJs are strongly bound by the current social conventions while they are likely to exclude any element of political and moral controversy (Sharp, 1987). From my personal experience, I can tell that ISFJs are normally unappreciated at home, play, and work. Ironically, people with this personality type tend to prove repeatedly that they can be relied on for their high-quality work and loyalty making the people take them for granted. Admittedly, the issue is escalated by the ISFJs themselves since they are not good at delegating. Mostly, they have the perception that “if want to it done right, do it yourself”. However, these people get hurt for being treated like doormats even though they are unwilling to show off for their accomplishments since they feel that it is inappropriate to demand credit for working. For this reason, ISFJs are normally overworked and this may lead to the psychosomatic condition.

In the workplace, ISFJs are accurate and methodical workers, with extraordinary memories and unanticipated capabilities. Drawing from my experience, people with ISFJs are good with persons in small groups in one-on-one conversation due to their genuine sympathy and patience when dealing with other people. Although they reliable co-workers, they tend to be uncomfortable in supervisory roles. Some of the conventional careers include social work, teaching, nursing, secretarial work, and medicine among other administrative jobs. Even though they have excellent work ethics, they have high regards for their families. ISFJs are demonstrative and warm with the family –circle and are normally possessive of the family members the ISFJs are more concerned about being nice and strict propriety. In case one of the dearests depart from the convention, it causes great embracement to them.

After an in-depth study of ISFJ, it is mysterious how accurate the results are. As an ISFJ, I work hard to provide and care for my loved ones. I have also come to realize my natural desire to be needed by others. However, being a caring soul have caused me to end up in inter-reliant relationships. I also appreciate traditions such that I like understanding how things were done in the past. Since my childhood, I have always been loyal to the established values and methods, and have always wanted to observe the proper and accepted way of performing things. In discussion with my friends, colleagues, and family, I often find myself taking the role of a historian. I always ensure that the new members value and respect the established customs. I also have a desire for privacy, quiet, and few interruptions.

Several barriers arise in my profession, especially when dealing with people of opposite personality traits. One of the greatest challenges has been encountering, as an ISFJ is engaging in extra duties to ensure that work is completed. However, experience challenges when I start to delegate or discuss expectations or priorities. To people with personality types like ISTJ and INTJ, they are comfortable with bluntness, discord, or disagreement. To these people, the arguments are about ideas and not necessarily about the people involved. However, I consider everything personal. The ISFJ personality types fit perfectly to my chosen profession, which is nursing. I am currently pursuing MSN in leadership and management. On completion of this program, I intend to work as a nurse manager in a large hospital system. I believe that a nurse manager, I am needed to have the ability to dedicate myself to this task. I have come to realize that I love working in a place where there is a set process.

Mindfulness Practice

Spiritual goals

The spiritual and psychological health of an individual helps in different ways. To have the required state of wellness and health, a person must carry some spiritual exercises and acts. Being in a nursing profession, I am required to understand all of the personality aspects of a patient to fulfil their needs. To help people fulfil their spiritual needs, I will first need to set my spiritual goals. In other words, this means strengthening my spiritual powers. Being brought up in a Christian home, I have a strong belief in norms and customs. I can attain my spiritual goals by committing myself to attend church with my family and friends every Sunday. I would also attain this goal by committing myself to attend the activities organized by the local church.

Physical Goals

Besides improving spiritual wellness, I also intend to work on my physical health. While I must ensure that other people are healthy and physically fit, I also have to ensure that my physical fitness is also attained. The physical health will go a long to help me control cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart rate. I can agree that over the years, I have become more inactive. Consequently, one of my primary goals is to restore my healthy eating of the paleo diet, which has numerous benefits. Since I spend much of my day in meetings, I intend to make an effort to walk each day for at least 30 minutes. Additionally, intend to avoid using the elevators and use the staircases when going to various rooms in the building.

Emotional Goals

Being emotional means relating to the feelings and how they affect your life.  Over the years, I have had issues dealing with my emotions something I need to improve on. My primary emotional goal is to challenge myself emotionally. This will help me to fight the negativities connected to different circumstances. I plan to attain this goal by discussing feelings and situations with my co-workers, friends, and family members. I would not also allow feelings to control me and by so doing I will reduce stress levels. I also intend to avoid being frustrated by situations that I have no control over, as this would help me overcome stressful situations during my practice. My intension to maintain a daily journal while learning to meditate.

Rhythmic Goals

I believe it is important to maintain a balance between relatives, family, and a stressful profession. Since I understand that I have been engaged in a demanding career, I chose to maintain a healthy balance as a way of being an effective role model for my family as well as my patients. My goal is to maintain a cardiac cadence within me. I acknowledge the fact that a distressed and panicked person cannot be of help to any person, either a family or a patient. The first step is controlling my nerves a process that starts by getting enough sleep. My rhythmic objective is to get at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Attaining the Goals

To attain the objectives that are described above, it is evident that I will need to make some lifestyle changes. For the physical objectives of sleeping and eating appropriately, I intend to develop a plan that facilitates proper food intake and sleep.  For my meals, I will need to include it in my budget and schedule to prepare meals early enough to avoid going for what is easy and readily available. Further, to achieve my vital life goal, I will need to get a holistic therapeutic massage therapist. I would prefer a therapist who offers cold and hot therapy. I know that massage can be somehow expensive, therefore in need to make a budget that allows funding of this goal. Including organic food items in my diet will also help, but this will require me to perform some research to ensure that the grocery store has all the times that I need.

From my understanding, emotional goals are the most challenging to attain. The first step towards attaining this goal is by downloading a mobile application known as CALM, which is a mediation app for beginners. As I tend the gym, I will spend some minutes in the sauna where I will spend some time listening to the application. I will also buy a daily journal book that I will leave under my pillow. Keeping the journal under the pillow will remind me to record my feeling before retiring for the day. Since I fear to fail, I will continue to challenge my mental abilities by pursuing this program as it will help to use evidence-based practice in my career. I will attain my spiritual goals by being committed to religious activities in my local church. Additionally, I intend to accompany my family to weekly prayers and services in the church I will also read the bible as many times as I can and watch Christian movies. Active participation in church activities will allow me to build healthy and strong foundations for morals values and principles.

I would also take advice from Jean Watson regarding being an intentional caregiver. To meet this I need to pause and actively develop authentic and intentionality caring leading to an increased sensitivity to what is most crucial in our work and lives (Watson, 2002). A nurse, I should be able to communicate my healing intensions to my patients through caring actions, communication of unconditional love, and demonstrating healing energy (Sakallaris, 2015). If I work on these aspects my, I will change my whole person. By being healthy in body, mind, and spirit, I will be in a better position to take care of myself and for others.

Healing Environments

An ideal healing organization is a healthcare setting that offers a holistic mechanism to healing and health. The system not only focuses on the physical aspect of care but also on the entire body. The Samueli Institute is one of the organizations that is committed in an optimal healing environment. OHE is a framework that stimulates patient healing by addressing spiritual, social, physical, and behavioural elements of care. Essentially, the OHE frame is utilized by healthcare facilities to help determine the deficiencies and enhance the outcome within their care foundations. The frame mainly comprises of four areas of improvement: internal, behavioural, external, and intrapersonal. According to Samueli, the interpersonal area describes a cultivating healing relationship which creates a healing organization. Additionally, he describes the internal area, which consists of personal wholeness and healing intention (Sakallaris, 2015). The external area comprises of building healing spaces and reducing the carbon footprint in the facility. Further, he goes on to describes the behavioural area that focuses on practising a healthy lifestyle in association with medicine approach. It is therefore imperative to note that optimal healing focuses on an individual as a whole whether a patient, staff or family members. A framework is, therefore, a holistic approach in caring for the patients.

In the literature review, two such facilities stand out, Good Samaritan Hospital and Cape Coral Hospital. Cape Coral hospital tries to serve as the premier hospital for the community and centre for wellness and health by offering Optimal Healing Environment that focuses on health, healing, prevention, and connectivity. Cape Coral hospital has made a comfortable healing atmosphere where patients can use such services as Arts in Healthcare, a nation-wide movement with expressive arts linked with the healing, community diabetic education program, and family birthing suites (Sakallaris, Macllister, Voss, Smith, & Jonas, 2015). The hospital is a smoke-free campus and offers healthy healing rooms and healthy choice lunches for their staff.

Good Samaritan is in Nebraska. However, it is not only a Planetree designed faculty but also a magnet facility. Both the cape Coral and the Good Samaritan offers art therapy and a birthing suite and they have taken it a step further. Their hallways are occupied with fish tanks and low lighting and are various healing gardens. Their mission is to nurture the ministry of healing in the church, which is supported by research and education. The institution aims at focusing on human dignity as well as social justice (Frangenberg, 2010). As a magnet model, nurses follow the principal of staff centred work environment, patient-centred care and support the balance between family life and work.

In a seven-mile radius, my organization facility in our community is one of three. The firm where I work has remarkable qualities of an effective healing setting. Its framework and code of conducts ensure effective measures and safety as established by the Baptist Leadership Organization whose slogan is “Experts in healing, specialists in caring.” The mission of the organization is to promote a healing environment. Being the only magnet facility of the three neighbouring hospitals, the nursing philosophy is to use nurse professionals who can meet the physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional needs of every patient. It is imperative to note that Mather hospital provides a holistic approach in healing by using aromatherapy, pet therapy and M-Technique massage. The hospital’s senior administration has raised the standards of the organization by offering “Meatless Monday”, opening physical therapy department to stimulate health lifestyle and exercises, and getting rid of sugary drinks from our cafeteria (Jefferson, 2017). When I consider my effective professional awareness and its requirements, I chose to support the position of the patient advocacy which helps to make the decisions concerning the value of health and patient satisfaction.

Effective recognition of my professional and personal knowledge and skills has helped me to adjust in various situations. Virginia Henderson, a nurse theorist states the primary duty of a nurse is to help the sick in activities that help them restore their health. By identifying my personality, I will be able to enhance the quality of care for my patients. Additionally, identifying my characteristic will help me to develop the required skills that would better my performance as a nurse leader.





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