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  1. The blue hat thinker represents the control process. Thus, every thought that it has is concentrated on increasing the efficiency of the thinking process. In case of a problem, the blue hat defines the problem in writing. Failure to define the problem results in a waste of time since the energy is directed to irrelevant activities. In addition to that, the blue hat spends its time on are of only high returns on investment. Therefore, for this key information Mira us able to make the right dream house purchase consideration

The white hat bases its focus on the available data. It collects, organizes, and presents information in both a neutral and impartial way. Also, in the data collected, the white hat thinker avoids making conclusions about the collected information. The facts and data presented are used to solve the problem at hand. Thus, in this case, is for Mira will use the collected data to purchase a nice dream house.

The green hat represents creativity. In this situation, Mira will be able to develop creative solutions to a problem. The green hat thinker instills an ever-rising sense of unpredictable into the thought procedure. Therefore, it creates forth a myriad of both creative and mind-bending concepts that bring about unique solutions. From this, Mira house thinking ideas will be expanded.

The black hat thinking has a metaphorical role as the reaper. According to the reaper, it brings along both destruction and death to the living. However, it is believed to be not necessarily good or evil. Therefore, the blue hat has the responsibility of avoiding to bring to mind personal biases tinged with either fear, anger, or jealousy. Instead, it brings possible light flaws and also highlights situations that have inadequate resources.

The yellow hat helps in thinking positively. It brings forth a radiant, welcoming, and positive energy, which helps to breathe life into every idea. Therefore, the yellow hat search to instill positive ideas into the problem-solving procedure, which promotes motivation. From that, new doors of both understanding and opportunities are opened up.

The red hat thinking involves looking into problems using a person’s intuition, emotion, reaction, and gut. Thus, its metaphorical role is the heart since it’s a very intuitive organ that understates changes in emotion and feeling of a change of circumstances. The red hat thinking explores the emotional point of view, helping in revealing the hidden strengths behind ideas. From that, identifying our feelings stimulated the brain’s mental activity into knowing what someone needs.

Group Member Name If you had a free choice, what would your choice be?

Explain why.

Which 2-3 hats did you notice yourself use to come to this free choice? Which hats(s)did you ignore? Briefly explain why
1. Eunice I will choose to eat healthily.

All the food is habit-forming. The more you eat good food, the more you get addicted to it, in most of the presented data, the much eating of the good food results to our health complications. Most of the people suffering from health issues are due to early addiction. Therefore, early prevention results in having a healthier life.

The white hat bases its focuses on the available data. It includes analyses of the past trends and hence learning from it.

The yellow hat which is focuses on thinking positively. From that, it brings the optimist point of view, enabling me to see the benefits of the made decision and its value.

Green since it develops a creative solution to a problem

Black since it looks at the decision’s potentially negative outcomes

Blue as it represents control




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