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Employment is an indicator of a country’s growth in the economy; thus, unemployment leads to sabotaging the country’s economy. Despite the negative impact on the country, it has numerous disadvantages to unemployed individuals and society. For instance, people will have low self-esteem since one desires to get employed to earn a living, which can lead to stress and depression, especially when somebody truly wants a job and cannot find it. Without earning, it will translate to poverty for individuals who will increase the poverty level. The social problems will affect society due to increased theft, which is coursed by unemployment. in the community, there will be political unrest affecting the legislature’s governance. Also, with a high level of unemployment, the government will have less income tax hence reducing the Gross Domestic Product for the country. This means that people will have less input into the economy, translating to a low output since they have less to spend.

The government will suffer from unemployment because of the growth of its citizens’ economy. Sustainability needs a lot of money; hence, it will venture into borrowing of loans because of the low-income tax. Government has the whole mandate to deal with situation unemployment in any country. For instance, it should come will policies that will enable the nation to create jobs. For example, cut interest rates to encourage investors. Educating and training the citizens by creating jobs and reducing structural unemployment should also lower the wage bill and create flexible labor markets. Cyclical unemployment happens patterns; it is characterized by demand in the market, while frictional unemployment occurs due to turnover in the market; hence employees look for other jobs. Lastly, structural unemployment occurs due to a lack of skill in the market. For example, when one wants his or her skill to put into practice may lead to this unemployment.



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