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Messages in Media

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Messages in Media

What messages do young Americans receive about food and weight? Are there competing messages in television, movies, advertisements, and by celebrities? How do we conceive of the best way to spend “leisure” time, and how is this tied to bodyweight?

Young American adults have been underrepresented in many trials about behavioral and weight loss trials. This has raised concerns and growing doubts that the measures that might be taken may not be suitable for them. The messages they commonly receive is weight management intervention that needs to be adopted for this specific age group (Lanoye, Gorin & LaRose, 2016). Yes. There is competing information on various platforms, including but not limited to televisions, movies, and adverts, among others. These are because these different platforms tend to find ways to attract the highest number of oy youths to their programs and activities. The activities to spend during our leisure have a direct relationship with the obesity of our bodies. For instance, spending our leisure exercising and has a positive impact on health as this will minimize the chances of becoming obese. On the other hand, spending leisure taking junk foods increases the chances of becoming obese. Hence, the activities selected for leisure are directly tied to body weight.




Lanoye, A., Gorin, A. A., & LaRose, J. G. (2016). Young adults’ attitudes and perceptions of obesity and weight management: Implications for treatment development. Current obesity reports5(1), 14-22.

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