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Kevin Seawright

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Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has a profound experience in public accounting and has worked as a financial director for several private companies. He is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC, which came into operation in 2015. He is passionately driven by the desire to make more people become homeowners regardless of their credit rating while creating good business. His passion was fueled from his childhood, where he had witnessed close family and friends in Baltimore pay rent until they were old.  At RPS Solutions, he works extensively on developing asset management, acquisition, and sale of assets and governmental contracting. His passion drives him to support people in owning their homes and having stable homes in safe neighborhoods, thus living healthier and happier lives.


Kevin Seawright was the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for Maryland’s Recreation and Parks Department. During his tenure, he administered more than $50 million in the city, state, and federal funding; within one year, he reduced the budget by more than $600000. Kevin then joined the educational arena to serve as a fiscal management leader. He prioritized the need for quality constructed schools and revised the budget, which was over-budgeted by $200 million annually.

Kevin Seawright redefined the private sector at Tito Contractors, Inc in Washington DC by successfully undertaking all company administrative roles. He streamlined and created annual budgets by ensuring efficiency and quality output by implementing and upholding a transparent work system for fair decision making and funding.


Kevin Seawright’s efforts at Newark Community Economic Development led to the expansion of Rutgers University. During this period, he mentored the youths and assisted them in securing summer jobs.


In 2004, Kevin Seawright won in the City’s Innovative and Leadership Talent Award due to his dedication and hard work to improve life quality in different fields. Kevin Seawright has an MBA from the Almeda University and earned himself certifications of a non-profit from Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business.

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