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Kevin Plank In An Interview

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Kevin Plank In An Interview

Sometimes to get an overview of something, one has to understand its genesis. Those were the words of Kevin Plank in an interview at Boss files. The young man started his entrepreneurial skills at the age of 26 years.  At that time, he was a student at Maryland University. He was actively involved in sports and became the captain of the University football team. Later, after graduation, the entrepreneur ventured into business.

Kevin Plank founded his sportswear business in 1996. He used his university savings as startup capital for the business. The business didn’t pick up, and within no time, he had no coin in his pocket. However, things took a new turn when he got a supply order from Georgia Tech. The rest is a sweet story of how the company has been growing from one level to another.

During the interview, Kevin plank stated that nothing comes easy, and one has to be ready to take risks. He said that while at the University, he had the habit of looking for ways to make things better. Also, he mentioned that he was smart in exploiting any opportunity that came along. That is how he founded his company after realizing the need for better sports attire.

When asked about the challenges he faced in his early entrepreneurial days, Kevin Plank said the money was the problem. He said that he had to skip his employee’s payments at one point to partner with an advertising company. The advert was a significant risk since it took all the money. Fortunately, the partnership brought a lot of profits to Under Armour.

The interview host at one point asked Kevin plank about the foundations of his business. This was more in terms of quality, and his answer was simple. The entrepreneur said that integrity was vital in any business. He added that how you respond to critics matters a lot. The businessman said that he learned to take things positively, which has led to his customer base’s growth.

Finalizing the interview, Kevin Plank spoke to the young entrepreneurs. His words were crystal clear as he talked about making decisions. He said one doesn’t need to have money to start something, but on the contrary, it is the vision that is needed. Besides business, the entrepreneur is also a philanthropist channeling his resources to the needy.


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