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KB24 by Justin Jacobs, Charcoal.

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KB24 by Justin Jacobs, Charcoal.

What drew my attention to this artwork is the emotion that is portrayed. The artist was trying to pay tribute to the basketball player Kobe Bryant who passed away earlier this year. Clearly, the player meant a lot to the artist and the world in general if the number of moving tributes that have been made to him is anything to go by. The artist achieves Kobe Bryant’s tribute with this artwork. It is dark and has an awry feeling that is very vivid.
The artist specifically draws the basketball jersey as being hung up. This is symbolic in that it portrays that not only did Kobe Bryant end any basketball-related activities, but also lost his life. Although we cannot see the jersey numbers very well, it comes out very clearly that this is Kobe Bryant’s jersey because the number 2 is visible.
This photo has a mournful feel to it but also has a tribute like impression. It says that the player will live forever, through the many memories that he shared during his career that spanned more than two decades. The artist also uses the jersey that is associated with the National Basketball League team, the Los Angeles Lakers because people remember him most from his playing days in that team. The number 2 is clearly shown by the artist. This number also happens to be in the Fibonacci Sequence. Whether this was intentional or not, the artist brought the message home that Kobe will be missed, and dearly he will.
I thought this picture’s style was simple, yet so comprehensible. It acknowledged that although his death was a tragic occurrence, his legacy will live forever. Furthermore, it pointed out that his legendary status is cemented because people will always think about him when they see the Los Angeles jersey.

Pandemic Shock by Mariana Ortiz, Oil.
What immediately drew my attention to this artwork was the skull drawn. The artist intended to portray an imminent danger that had deadly consequences. Furthermore, I think that the artist portrayed the skull as a warning for people to tread carefully around particular mayhem. The artist achieved in portraying danger as this skull drives the point home that there is an imminent danger lurking around. The simple yet vivid description of death is obvious. The fear that this artwork depicts is palpable.
The symbolism used in this artwork is quite clear. The bare skull portrays danger. From the artwork’s name, “Pandemic Shock” the message that the artist intended to communicate is very clear. The novel COVID-19 coronavirus has ravaged the world for the better part of the year. It has left its mark on all or almost every country in the world. It is fatal and has claimed well over one million lives so far. In essence, the artist wanted to communicate that we’d better protect ourselves from this pandemic lest we end up as skulls and skeletons.
I loved this artwork as I felt it had a very clear message about our own safety. It was simple yet quite clear. At a time when many people are not taking these precautions seriously, it drove the message home that the disease will strike at anyone unabated lest we take care of ourselves.

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