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Job Description for Event Staff

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Job Description for Event Staff


Job Title: Event Staff

Reports to: Event Coordinator

Job purpose

Event Coordinators provide the Event Staff with instructions as to how an event should be handled. It is, therefore, the role of the Event Staff to ensure that everything in the event runs as smoothly as possible. Event Staff handles the operational needs as well as the logistical needs of the event as directed by the Event Coordinator (Pirie, pp 464). Event Staff provide a wide range of services to the people attending the event, depending on their area of need.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Adhering to the standard safety regulations for the event.
  • Unloading materials and equipment that will be needed during the event from the trucks e.g., stage materials and chairs.
  • Providing quality level of service to the customers.
  • Cleaning the venue for the event before guests arrive.
  • Taking up security roles at the event e.g., preventing theft of petty fights between guests at the event.
  • Providing the guests at the event with vital information such as the direction and location of bathrooms.
  • Standing and serving drinks to the guests at the event.
  • Checking for any damages to the equipment brought in as well as packing up the material and equipment used after the event is over.


  • Excellent organizational skills
  • High school diploma
  • Excellent conflict management and resolution skills
  • Good command in both written and verbal communication
  • High stamina
  • Exceptional ability to multitask
  • Keen to small details and needs of the customer
  • Availability on weekends as well as night shift duty

Working conditions

Event Staff are required to sometimes stand for very long hours during events. Also, Event Staff may work in various types of weather depending on the location of the event, i.e., it may be very hot or cold during the event. As Event Staff, you will be required to meet very many people, and hence you must always look presentable at all times (“Event Staff Job Description”). Sometimes, the equipment being unloaded from trucks might be heavy, as well as having to deal with rude or troublesome customers and clients at work.

Physical requirements

This job is physically demanding because of all the cleaning requirements. Venues must be cleaned before and after the event has taken place. Also, there is a lifting of equipment, some of which might be quite heavy. This job demand long-standing hours during long events as the Event Staff are required to be walking around the venue serving clients and other guests.

Direct Reports

Event Coordinator


Approved by: Event Coordinator

Date Approved: (click here to enter text)

Reviewed by: (click here to enter text)

Date Reviewed: (click here to enter text)














Work Cited

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Pirie, Susan. “Job descriptions and job matching.” The Journal of Perioperative Practice 14.10 (2004): 464.

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