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History of the world

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History of the world

Landmark evolution of human beings from Ape like beings to real humans

The human evolution dates back from eighty-five million years ago that included autonomous development of primates such as apes and baboons. Human and baboons got set apart about seven thousand five hundred million years ago. Generally, humans originated in Africa and later moved to other countries. Evolution took four significant stages. The first stage consisted of the Proto hominins Sahelanthropus, Orrorin, and Ardipithecus dating back to seven million years ago, who walked on two legs. The second stage of evolution involved Australopithecus around four million years ago. And the third consisted of Paranthropus. The fourth stage consisted of the ‘homo’ who existed back in one thousand eight hundred years ago. Homo habilis had brains similar to those of chimpanzees and also used stone tools. It got followed by homo Erectus and homo sapiens who had a massive mind on the use of tools and making fire. The latest evolution consisted of homo sapiens sapiens, who had a larger brain than the other Genus (Buck, 2018).

Role of military and economic revolution on the world’s separate web fuse.

The military prepared for war by harnessing new technology, coming up with new tactics, training on their operation, and logistics. The Mughals took into consideration martial implements that were well-versed in the exclusive trials and difficulties of their location (Yuruk, 2019).  the military seemed to be used to overthrowing the whites—the military-controlled trade inside the Indian ocean. The military transported the traded materials in and out of the Indian ocean to its final destination. They placed price tags and made product value more expensive and promoted peace across the states’ borders. The military balanced power in favor of the enlarging states and maintained standing armies as the European nation got in constant war with each other. An economic revolution enhanced the growth of industries as well as the acquisition of firearms and some other trading materials. It also stimulated good global relations as there was an exchange of ideas among countries leading to industrial growth.

Reasons why the industrial revolution happened first in England.

The first revolution took place in England due to the textile industry’s coming up, which led to England dominating the market. Rapid population growth provided labor and demand for textile products. England had a significant sector for agricultural production due to the availability of iron deposits such as Iron and coal, and also water availability acted as a substantial advantage. The mining of coal speeded up after the steam engine innovation. Furthermore, Europe was surrounded by the sea, which offered protection to the government from property destruction. European workers were highly skilled, and the availability of intense capital helped them be on the market for the front (Hartwell, 2017).

Furthermore, the flying shuttle came up, which was an advantage in the cloth industry. Increase in food due to innovations such as the Seed drill and the discovery of crop rotation. Britain owned a vast empire, thus dominating a large amount of land compared to other areas around the globe, thus giving Europe a period of accessing natural resources that got used in the industries.

Causes, manifestation, and consequences of the Cold war.

Several factors caused the cold war. The Soviet Union wanted to implement the spread of communism, whereas America was for democracy. There was owning of atomic weapons leading to fear in the Soviets. The president of the United States was not in good terms with the Soviet leader. The United States debated for free trade. There was an extension on Russia’s influence in Europe and also poor relations between the united states and the soviet states. The manifestation involved the conflict between the united states and the soviet states. Also, forming of military alliances between the United States and western European countries. The consequences of the cold war involved the death of the military, legacy on conflict seemed not erased. There was an increase in military expenditure, and there seems a continued threat to world peace (Dyson, 2016).

Conclusively cold war brought about several positive and negative impacts between the United States and the Soviet states.

















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