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Arronte(2018), in the article, the facilitation of human trafficking on the role of internet technologies, postulates that trafficking of hum is a global crime that stripes the livelihood of its targets. The author illustrates that human trafficking is an industry that continues to trap its victims for a long. The author further suggests that there are many of the targets of human trafficking around the world. The author states that the advancement of technology has contributed to the rise of human trafficking numbers globally (Arronte, 2018). The author describes that internet technologies have significantly contributed to human trafficking, where involved criminals have converted to criminal networks. The author illustrates that common platforms such as social networking websites and classified ads exploit the traffickers to engage in the practices (Arronte, 2018). The sites are used to speed up locating the victims, educating, or even recruiting new ones around the globe. The author postulates that the advancement of technology has been used by many traffickers to exploit further their conquest, which managements of the detections have been made possible via the Internet (Arronte, 2018). The author concludes that law officers and enforcers need to implement more stringent rules to protect, prevent, and prosecute those who violate the rules. Consequently, the article’s information is a recommendable and credible source for my research, for it gives insights on how globalization on the advancement of technology and the Internet has influenced human trafficking and the challenges it poses to the authorities.


From the information gathered from the article, the percentage increases in human trafficking acts are geared by advancement in technology and the Internet. The Internet has made the world universal and small, where the sites created are used by traffickers to easily locate and recruit the trafficked victims. Traffickers through technology and internet growth have eased the search for sites or sources where undeveloped countries with lots of population can be located fast. Also, false job applications and vacancies advertised over the Internet have led to an increase in migration to developed countries, resulting in trafficked victims.






Arronte, Renata. A Partner in Trafficking: The Role of Internet Technologies in the Facilitation of Human Trafficking. Diss. Utica College, 2018.

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