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degree from a UK-based university is highly respected all over the world

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degree from a UK-based university is highly respected all over the world

It’s a comprehensive, in-depth guide for all international students who wish to study in the United Kingdom. The UK is one of the most popular study destinations for international students. It enjoys a conducive environment that facilitates excellence and proud of many universities, colleges, and high schools offering high-quality education.


Indeed, a degree from a UK-based university is highly respected all over the world. Given the comprehensive support systems developed to assist international students, studying in the UK proves to be a life-changing experience. The UK is internationally known for its history, language, innovation, and culture, with an excellent average student retention rate of 82%.


This eBook guides you to start your studies in the UK. It features:

  1. Ultimate Resource Guide
  2. Overseas Education Agent Checklist
  3. Program Selection Checklist
  4. Universities/Colleges Selection Checklist
  5. Packing and Planning Checklist
  6. Student Visa Checklist
  7. Moving to the UK
  8. First Few Days in the UK
  9. Household and Accommodation Essentials
  10. Scholarship Checklist
  11. Employment Opportunities Checklist


In other words, the eBook Guide provides 4 key steps to study in the UK explained:

Before Visa Application and Education Agent Selection

Before Leaving Your Country

After Arriving in the UK

After Completing Your Study

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