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Data systems

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Data systems

Data is often used in almost every part of our lives for different purposes. Numerous types of data systems usually support the data we use. The different data systems have some similarities, but each has its unique purpose and characteristics. The different attributes each data system has makes them suitable for a particular data related function or need. In our paper, I choose two types of data systems, which are static and transactional.

Standpoint theory articulates that knowledge comes from a social position from a feminist theoretical perspective. The theory was extracted from the Marxist argument that states that oppressed people have special knowledge access unavailable to the privileged class. Knowledge production is influenced by inequalities between men and women (Yunkaporta, Tyson, and Doris Shillingsworth, 4)

Static can also be referred to as a reporting type of data system. A static data system is a one-way data system that allows the end-user to see data but cannot modify it. Here the data element cannot be changed. This type of data is significant for sharing data with the public. The static data system has helped me in sharing my research data with schoolmates.

The transactional data system is involved in recording and tracking data transactions. A good example is the banking account that records and tracks financial transactions. This form of the system allows for back and forth data exchange between users. Transactional data has helped analyze data in my research as it gives one a chance to change and track the data depending on the purpose of the data.

People in the oppressed class have special access to static and transaction data used to derive different results based on their needs. People should always choose the type of data t by first looking at their own data needs.


Work cited

Yunkaporta, Tyson, and Doris Shillingsworth. “Relationally Responsive Standpoint.” Journal of Indigenous Research 8.2020 (2020): 4.

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