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Data analysis

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Data analysis

Using the data obtained from the NOAA for Manchester, I selected data from December 1956 to December 1958. This data was appropriate because it is recent and helps to create an accurate picture of the statistic under analysis. These values are used to create the histogram shown below. Analysis of the data was done using Statcrunch.

The histogram displays values from 200 to 1700, which have been slit using intervals of 100 for ease of graphical representation.


A critical observation on the skewness of the graph is that it is skewed to the right. The data produced a mean of 723.72, which is represented by the green vertical line. From the data, a median of 784, which is represented by the red vertical line, was also produced. Further statistical analysis shows a standard deviation of 388.39 for the selected data. Lastly, the interval for the middle 68%, which is represented by data between the histogram values 236 to 771, is 17 values out of the possible 25 values.

Representing the data obtained statistically on a table is vital in understanding the interpretations of the data. The table below shows the statistical outputs from the data.

Column Number of values Mean Variance Standard Deviation Standard Error Median Range Minimum Value Maximum Value
TPCP 25 723.7 150848.8 388.3926 77.67852 584 1434 236 1670


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