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Concepts and Techniques of Clinical Therapy Used

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Concepts and Techniques of Clinical Therapy Used Cognitive Therapy Cognitive therapy is a technique used to treat depression, dysfunction, and withdrawal, among other psychological disorders. It is based on the notion that a person’s negative feelings are because of their thoughts about self, not outside influences or events. It acknowledges that while we might not control what happens to us by our environments, we might undoubtedly control how we think about them. It is effective because it helps people change how they think about themselves and how they react to the environment. Some of the cognitive therapy techniques being used clinically include cognitive restructuring, introspective exposure, exposure and response prevention, progressive muscle relaxation, relaxed breathing, and journaling. Since cognitive therapy aims to focus on a person’s thoughts and mood, treating Cassie will focus on her negative thoughts and perspectives and distort these thoughts and rewire her to acquire new thought processes. One of the thoughts that Cassie has is that she is alone and unloved. She feels this is because her boyfriend abandoned her at the time that she needed...

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