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Communication with the team is one of the most important strategies that lead to success

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The department chosen is marketing, which is one of the critical departments in the organization. The department is mainly concerned with satisfying and identifying customer’s needs at an affordable and right price. Furthermore, it is also in charge of researching different products that a customer wants and analyzing how it will satisfy their wants. The marketing department is also responsible for managing the 4Ps in the marketing mix, representing promotion, place, product, and price (Loder, Rayhill, & Burch, 2018). A company can achieve success if it has lower-price products than its competitors or products of very high quality or both, which is one of the strategies a company can use for improvement. In the department, some challenges occur from time to time, and they include lack of communication, interpreting marketing report data, understaffed, and closing the sales loop and new marketing trends. Below are the challenges and recommended actions that need the implementation to solve the problem in the marketing department.

New marketing trends

Sometimes the marketing manager can have difficulties in keeping track of the latest trends and implementing them. The latest trends are significant in the marketing department, and it is their responsibility to ensure that they keep up with the new trend. Still, it can be overwhelming keeping up with social media, user interface, and web designs. The challenge can be solved by having the inbound marketing agencies whose primary responsibilities are doing detailed work and research work (Valos et al., 2015). It involves deciding on which new incoming marketing trends to embrace that can be implemented in business marketing. The agencies can also figure out which audience matches in social media, which as a result, there will be changes made concerning the problem.

Understaff or


Communication with the team is one of the most important strategies that lead to success

The marketing field is growing, and it is becoming more complex, and there is more to track, more to know, and more to do; therefore, there is a need to have a perfect team in the department. Holes can begin to appear in the department experience lack of capacity or knowledge that can cause reduced performance and sub-par marketing strategies (Oberlin, 2018). To solve the challenge, the manager needs to pay more attention to the team to make the necessary improvements. Specialized team partners with the marketing manager to create results track and traffic generation, sales, and content creation.

Lack of communication

Communication with the team is one of the most important strategies that lead to success. Updates that come up and marketing strategy needs to be informed to the group to be aware of what is going on. In the organization, lack of communication is a common challenge that needs to be rectified. Marketing managers who have inadequate working systems for interpreting, gathering, communicating, and organizing their data are at high risk of having an ill-equipped team. As a result, they will not be able to improve and analyze their marketing strategy. Additionally, the lack of data or poor data collection will lead to uncomfortable communication between the marketing manager and his superiors (Rached, Bahroun, & Campagne, 2016). The problem is solved by applying specific, recommended actions. They include; looking at how the marketing strategy is controlling tariffing and working to its maximum. The second action is investigating and sees how well-converting policy of traffic into leads could be done. The last step is Analyzing the effectiveness of the sales funnel. Furthermore, to have excellent communication with the management, the team should work together to translate site data, provide reports on marketing results, report on successful content, gather correct data, and implement call tracking software.

Interpreting marketing report data

Understanding the marketing report is very important; however, some managers have difficulty explaining the information. Without the correct information, one will not be able to identify the marketing strategy to use. The results will decrease Return on investment (ROI), and damage to their campaign as one does not know the correct procedure to use (Oberlin, 2018). The issue can be solved by increasing the role of an inbound marketing agency that will help translate and interpret the data for marketing happenings. Besides, the marketing manager can make use of analytic software for advice and configure reports, which include different ways to modify marketing strategies.






Recommended action

Expected result



Employing inbound agencies

The agencies will be able to figure out which audience matches social media



Paying more attention to the team for improvement

There will be an improvement in the team as they work together.



Using strategies to convert traffic leads

Communication will improve, and correct data will be given.



Utilizing analytic software

Provides advice and configure reports to the manager


The marketing department is crucial in the organization because without the marketing team, and there will be no customer service. The different challenges need to be solved, and every employee in the marketing department should implement the recommended actions. The actions to be taken are significant, which will lead the department to the next step of success, and they will be able to overcome all the challenges and make necessary improvements.



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