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Colostomy Pouch, Premier, One-Piece System, 7-Inch Length, Drainable | Hollister

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Colostomy Pouch, Premier, One-Piece System, 7-Inch Length, Drainable | Hollister

Let your bowel heal after a health problem or after undergoing colostomy surgery with the drainable, 7-inch length, one-piece, premier, colostomy pouch.


Hollister, Colostomy Pouch, Premier™, One-Piece System, 7-Inch Length, Drainable, Pre-Cut

Properly collect waste from your digestive or urinary system with the Hollister 82130, drainable, one-piece, premier, colostomy pouch. These one-piece drainable ostomy pouches come with a SoftFlex barrier that is gentle to your skin and allows for frequent pouch removal. They also provide a viewing option that allows the user to look into the drainable ostomy pouch just by lifting the flap. These drainable stoma bags features a micro seal that closes the bottom of the pouch by utilizing plastic interlocking fasteners. The AF300 filter that allows for slow release and helps in deodorization of gas from the Hollister drainable pouch, thereby reducing odor. Their soft, beige comfort-wear pouches panels help provide added comfort. It also features an odor barrier rustle-free film that protects against rusting and noise.


  • Integrated AF300 filter slows the release of gases
  • The Hollister 82130 Comfortwear provides extra comfort
  • SoftFlex barrier enables frequent pouch removal
  • Viewing option offers easy monitoring
  • The micro seal secures closure at the bottom
  • odor barrier film prevents noise and rustling



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