Davis’ Freedom is a Constant Struggle and Oppression Logic. Angela Davis’ new book, “Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, And the Foundations of a Movement,” published by Haymarket, hypes rising against the current atrocities, finding a connecting language and evolving interconnected social movements. The volume, in a series of essays and interviews, functions as an alternative and an encouragement for revolution proponents. Angela Davis facilitates the inter-connectivity of the thought and analysis of groups to establish an excellently coordinated concerted campaign that puts together significant structural changes and liberation (104). Rooted in the belief that the empowerment and emancipation of the societies are strictly related to and dependent on independence and democracy, this text an open way offers practical strategies for reform around two of the most prevalent concepts demonstrating oppression logic: Creating supranational unity among national and associated foreign struggles and the influence of excellently-organized social movements against individualism Under the wings of Creating supranational unity among national and associated foreign struggles, Angela Davis ‘s book emphasizes on the comparisons of the movements in Ferguson and Palestine to…

    Market Segmentation Strategy: Hilton Hotel Introduction The hotel industry is often operated in a delicate and profitable environment that is composed of many players who tend to allocate significant amounts of capital for purposes of budgeting and branding. Market segmentation entails the division of the market into distinct groups and segments based on influential characteristics from a particular market (Reidhead, 2020). This segmentation makes it easy to target suitable and attractive segments based on the products and services. Market segmentation in Hilton is composed of a unique segmentation strategy that encompasses cultural and economic dynamics that guarantee satisfaction and attachment (Applegate, Piccoli, & Dev, 2008). Segmentation, positioning and targeting in the hotel industry often entail ways and mechanisms in which the companies choose to sell their services to the market while positioning its services such as to appeal to the aspirations and needs of the market in the most effective manner. Hilton Hotel Market Segmentation Hilton Hotel has more than 530 resorts and hotels globally most of which have diversified and established their base in more than 78…

Management of Instructional Media Over the decades, the academic sector has shifted to attain an improved standard and enhance the quality of information delivery. By so doing, educational institutions have integrated various strategies and policies to equip learners with relevant information. Universities and colleges offering healthcare courses are among the institutions that are adopting the best teaching practices. For instance, most healthcare learning institutions have embodied instructional media in a bid to transmit or deliver academic information and skills to the learners. This is to achieve effective instruction. However, to realize the impact of instructional media on the quality of education delivered to students in healthcare institutions, it is prudent that the management of such media is upheld. However, some deficits and gaps make the management of such media wanting. The impact of instructional media can only be realized if their production is correctly undertaken. Various forms of instructional media must be successfully designed and produced based on known theoretical concerns and frameworks. The SECTIONS model is the primary basis of the design of instructional media globally (Manjale & Chiza,…

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