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Business communication

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Business communication

There are various ways in which firms use to communicate with their clients. One of these ways is through the use of logos. The logos can be used to communicate with the clients what a firm offers. When the offerings increase, firms are usually forced to, as well, make changes to the logos as a way of passing such information to their customers. An example of a firm that is known to have undertaken such kind of transformation is amazon. The changes to the latter stated firm’s logo between 1994 and 2000 can be represented as follows.

From the logo highlighted above, it is clear that the first logo, the original logo, had incorporated a river into the capital letter A, though this was not a success as the clients could not be able to easily relate this intention by the firm. In the current logo, which is known to be adopted in the year 2000, there is an arrow that runs from letter A to Z. The interpretation of this is that Amazon has everything that its clients may think of (Bausch 13). This, therefore, shows that the logo of a firm is a useful tool in passing communication to the clients.














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