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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Bloodstain pattern analysis can range from simple to complex. While most forensic investigators are able to con

duct the preliminary bloodstain pattern analysis and establish the castoff blood patterns, identifying convergence areas and origin of bloodstain using trigonometric and string approaches is more intricate and requires an expert (Osborne et al., 2016). The systematic analysis of bloodstain patterns requires comprehensive training and experience, which surpasses the basic crime scene process. Arguably, it will be unproductive to

train all forensic investigators on in-depth blood pattern analysis as the training is not only extensive but complex and will not be adequately covered as part of forensic training (Holowko et al., 2016). As a constituent of forensic training, investigators will only have the chance to learn the

basic bloodstain pattern analysis without going into details necessary for in-depth bloodstain analysis. Therefore, forensic investigators interested in the course should pursue it individually and start from the entry-level as they gain experience and climb up the ladder of becoming expert analysts.

Besides, making the

course universal for all forensic detectives may create an assumption that all forensic investigators can competently conduct in-depth bloodstain pattern analysis, which might not be the case (Osborne et al., 2016). Making such assumptions would be dangerous in crime analysis as the forensic investigator may not

have the skills and experience to analyze blood patterns comprehensively. As a result, it might take longer to solve a crime that could have been otherwise resolved easily and fast if a bloodstain pattern analyst was engaged. Therefore, it will be more prudent to leave the detailed bloodstain pattern analysis to those who are qualified and have experience in the field.





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