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Black Student Union

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Black Student Union

In 2013, 3 white students were charged with tormenting a black roommate for several months, spiking significant anger among campuses. This case came about when tensions about racism in different campuses were at the peak. The details that emerged about the racial abuse stunned the school administration, and black students rallied together to protest what happened to one of their peers.

According to the information of the Attorney, the white students at once placed a bicycle lock around the neck of the black students. However, they never succeeded in the second attempt. Besides, the black student was harassed regularly in different ways. Moreover, it was found that the three white students referred to the black students as “3/5,” meaning three-fifths of compromise. Nevertheless, when the black student objected about the same, he was called a “fraction.”

The white students also placed photographs of Hitler as well as hung a confederate flag. Besides, they also wrote racial epithets on the board they shared with the black student. At one time, the black student’s father visited him and saw the photos and writings, thus alerting the staff working in the university. According to the Attorney’s report, the harassment started in august.

Within 48 hours after reporting, two of the three white students were charged and ejected out of the hostel. Besides, the third student was treated as a bystander but was also suspended. When the harassment was started, the black student was 17 years while two of the charged students were 18 and 19.

Due to this incident, the Black Student Union rallied behind the black student and used social media to express their distraught by the situation with the #blackthursday hashtag. Besides, the parents of the black student issued a statement requesting the privacy of their son while also issued their stand regarding the matter.

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