Franklin Delano Roosevelt Leadership is a function of principle, character, law, and the ethics of an individual. A leader is judged by how well they balance their will to rule and the betterment of the society through their decisions from the position of power. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a unique leader and a great thinker who utilized many crucial things at his disposal to the best of his ability. Delano served as the 32nd president of the United States and is credited with guiding light and shining glimmer of hope to Americans in one of their darkest periods in time: the post great depression. Aristotle was another great leader who was a student of Plato and benefitted greatly from being an avid listener. Aristotle supported the craft of leading through serving and listening: something that Delano was quite adept and proficient in. Delano was a persuasive leader who benefitted greatly from his charm and convinced both his allies and enemies to work together for the greater good of the people. This paper focuses on the qualities of leadership derived from Franklin…

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