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Aristotle notion of Induction

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Aristotle notion of Induction

Aristotle’s notion of Induction is one that moves from general notions to particular ones. He has a notion cause that is different from other modern notions. His motion is made up of four causes; the formal cause that makes things to be what they are, final cause that explains that everything in the world has a purpose and an end, material cause, and efficient or instrumental cause that is the cause of action and brings about the object in question.

Induction is conceived by Aristotle as a logical process and is much influenced by science that was developed during his time. His induction form was as follows; first was the definitions of terms, then the axioms, and lastly, the truths of the science that corresponds to the theorems in geometry. Aristotle’s definitions constitute what he termed as the primary premises and have to be accurate, primary, before, and casual of the conclusions. The premises used syllogistically proceedings from the primary premises to different science conclusions.

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