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An analysis of a video or text

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An analysis of a video or text

An analysis of a video or text, in both cases, what the writer is simply doing is giving arguments that either supports or contradicts the author’s arguments. The strengths and weaknesses are also considered and whether or not the authors consider or have alternative viewpoints. As with a summary, the writer is not supposed or allowed to give their opinions of the video or text. But just providing a shorter statement with key points of the whole video or text.

When analyzing and summarizing a documentary film and a written text that addresses the same subject. Assumption can be made that they are the same while they are not in any way. For instance, when you watch a documentary, you get to learn that oral interviews and histories convey the same factual information as a written text to some degree. However in comparison, when reading written texts, the reader gets a more pleasant experience because the reader is invited personally into the story. While in documentaries that combine images and sounds, the dramatized events of history make it very easy to empathize with. As when the viewer sees the images and hears from the people who experienced it first hand, this has a powerful effect on them. Video documentaries are enjoyable and easier to understand as I get to actually experience what it felt like through my eyes.




Anne Frank at the Montessori school, Amsterdam, 1940

By combining images and sounds, films dramatize historical events and make them easier to empathize with. Seeing the camps and hearing about the event from those who experienced it firsthand can have a powerful effect on viewers.


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