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After my graduation

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After my graduation

After my graduation, I would want to work in the health care sector as a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner mainly focuses on preventing diseases and managing people’s health conditions to enhance optimal healthy life. As a nurse practitioner, I will mainly specialize in cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular risk is primarily attributable to poor dietary habits and other unhealthy lifestyle habits or behaviors. In my practice, I will employ the Self-Care Theory to achieve the ultimate goal of preventing and managing health care condition of cardiovascular patients. The Self-Care Theory of nursing was developed by Dorothea Orem between 1959 and 2001. The theory emphasizes the importance of self-care to prevent illnesses and manage various health conditions. For instance, it assumes that humans should be self-reliant and responsible for their individual care and care of their families. The theorist stated that a person’s knowledge of potential health conditions or problems is essential in promoting healthy behaviors and habits.

Self-care practices such as healthy dietary habits, physical exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits are essential in both the prevention and management of cardiovascular illnesses. Therefore, as a nurse practitioner, I will engage in educating the patients, their families and the community on the various risk factors that may contribute to cardiovascular diseases. I will also help them manage their health conditions by educating and guiding them on healthy dietary habits, lifestyle behaviors and other aspects that can help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. With such knowledge, individuals will be able to maintain and promote their health and well-being through self-care.

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